Compositions by Opus Number (Chronological)

Piano Sonata No.1 Op.1 (1977)
Two Choral Elegies Op.2 (1977)
Sonata No.1 for cello and piano Op.3 (1978)
Two Pieces for violin and viola Op.4 (1978)
String Quartet No.1 Op.5 (1979)
War Songs for bass voice and piano Op.6 (1980)
War Songs for bass voice and orchestra Op.7 (1981)
Concertino for cello and chamber orchestra Op.8 (1982)
Symphony No.1 for orchestra Op.9 (1982)
Piano Sonata No.2 ("Sonata Notturna") Op.10 (1983)
Three Poems of Stephen Crane for baritone, two horns, harp and strings Op.11 (1983)
Concerto No.1 for piano and orchestra Op.12 (1983)
Sonata for viola and piano Op.13 (1984)
Sechs Gesänge nach Gedichten von Nelly Sachs for soprano and piano Op.14 (1985)
Missa Brevis for chorus and organ Op.15 (1985)
De Profundis for organ Op.16 (1985)
Four Apparitions for piano Op.17 (1985)
Sechs Gesänge nach Gedichten von Nelly Sachs for soprano and orchestra Op.18 (1986)
Variations on a Theme by Anton Bruckner for piano Op.19 (1986)
Nocturne No.1 for piano Op.20 (1986)
Final Songs for voice and piano Op.21 (1987)
Night Songs for voice and piano Op.22 (1987)
Sonata for flute and piano Op.23 (1987)
Sonata for contrabass and piano Op.24 (1987)
Sonata for flute and guitar Op.25 (1988)
Quintet for piano, clarinet and string trio Op.26 (1988)
Fantasy on a Fugue by J. S. Bach for woodwind quintet and piano Op.27 (1989)
Chamber Concerto No.1 for violin, piano and string quartet Op.28 (1989)
Gargoyles for piano Op.29 (1989)
Fantasy for bass-koto Op.30 (1990)
Nocturne No.2 for piano Op.31 (1990)
Trio No.1  for piano, violin and cello Op.32 (1990)
The Domain of Arnheim for orchestra Op.33 (1990)
Quintet for piano and strings Op.34 (1990)
Nocturne No.3 for piano Op.35 (1991)
Concerto No.2 for piano and orchestra Op.36 (1992)
Evening Prayer and Dream from Hansel und Gretel for piano Op. 37 (1992)
Nocturne No.4 for piano Op.38 (1992)
Concerto for flute and orchestra Op.39 (1992)
A Poet To His Beloved for voice, flute, string quartet and piano Op.40 (1993)
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking for voice and string quartet Op.41 (1993)
Variations on a Theme by Mozart for two pianos Op.42 (1993)
Album for the Young for piano Op.43 (1993)
Soliloquy for solo flute Op.44 (1993)
The Picture of Dorian Gray opera in two acts Op.45 (1995)
Sonata No.1 for violin and piano Op.46 (1994)
Revelry for orchestra Op.47 (1995)
Concerto for flute, harp and orchestra Op.48 (1995)
Paean for wind ensemble Op. 49 (1995)
Concerto for piccolo and orchestra Op. 50 (1996)
Struwwelpeterlieder for soprano, viola and piano Op. 51 (1996)
Kontrapunktus for 5 Japanese drums and orchestra Op. 52 (1996)
Three Dream Songs for voice and piano Op.53 (1996)
Appalachian Liebeslieder for soprano, baritone and piano-duet Op.54 (1996)
Nocturne No.5 for piano Op.55 (1996)
Sonata for flute and harp Op.56 (1996)
Six Songs on Poems by Henry W. Longfellow for voice and piano Op.57 (1997)
Loss of Breath for orchestra Op.58 (1997)
Eight Pieces for flute Op.59 (1997)
String Quartet No.2 Op.60 (1998)
Sonata No.2 for cello and piano Op.61 (1998)
Nocturne No.6 for piano Op.62 (1998)
Three Elizabethan Songs for SATB chorus Op.63 (1999)
Concerto for trumpet and orchestra Op.64 (1999)
Nocturne No.7 for piano Op.65 (1999)
Album Leaf for cello and piano Op.66 (1999)
Symphony No.2 for chorus and orchestra Op.67 (1999)
Three Impromptus for piano Op.68 (2000)
Nocturne Fantasy for two guitars Op.69 (2000)
Dorian Gray: A Symphonic Portrait for orchestra Op.70 (2000)
Pegasus for amplified narrator and orchestra Op.71 (2000)
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini for piano and orchestra Op.72 (2001)
The Next Time for voice and piano Op.73 (2001)
Concerto for violin and orchestra Op.74 (2001)
Variations on a Theme of Mozart for orchestra Op.75 (2001)
Three Lullabies for two pianos Op.76 (2001)
Trio No.2 for violin, cello and piano Op.77 (2001)
On The Beach At Night for voice and piano Op.78 (2001)
Five Pieces from Album for the Young for flute and piano Op.79 (2002)
Six Songs on Poems of Raymond Carver for voice and orchestra Op.80 (2002)
Concerto for Orchestra Op.81 (2002)
Piano Sonata No.3 Op.82 (2002)
Trio No.1 for flute, cello and piano Op.83 (2002)
Nocturne for orchestra Op.84 (2003)
Nocturne No.8 for piano Op.85 (2003)
Two Songs on Poems of Anthony Hecht for voice and piano Op.86 (2003)
Trio No.2 for flute, cello and piano Op.87 (2004)
Four Etudes on Songs of Brahms for piano Op.88 (2004)
Sentimental Songs for voice and piano Op.89 (2004)
Sonata No.3 for cello and piano Op.90 (2005)
Four Etudes on Songs of Robert Franz for piano Op.91 (2005)
Variations on a Theme of Schubert for wind ensemble Op.92 (2005)
Miss Lonelyhearts opera in two acts Op.93 (2005)
Daydream and Nightmare for two pianos, eight hands Op.94 (2005)
Concerto No.3 for piano and orchestra Op.95 (2006)
Variations on America (Ives) arr. for piano Op.96 (2006)
Nocturne No.9 for piano Op.97 (2006)
Chamber Concerto No.2 for violin and string quintet Op.98 (2006)
Nocturne No.10 for piano Op.99 (2007)
Variations on a Theme of Schubert for piano Op.100 (2007)
Trio for violin, horn and piano Op.101 (2007)
String Quartet No.3 Op.102 (2007)
String Quartet No.4 Op.103 (2007)
Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening for voice and piano Op.104 (2007)
A Whitman Oratorio Op.105 (2008)
Air for flute and organ Op.106 (2008)
Music for Carillon Op.107 (2008)
Sonata No.4 for cello and piano Op.108 (2008)
Night Music for flute, clarinet and piano Op.109 (2009)
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra Op.110 (2009)
Three American Sketches for orchestra Op.111 (2010)
Nocturne No.11 for piano Op.112 (2010)
Symphony No.3 for orchestra Op.113 (2010)
Quartet for Piano and Strings Op.114 (2010)
The Velveteen Rabbit for narrator and sinfonietta Op.115 (2011)
Music for Harp for solo harp Op.116 (2011)
Sonata for two pianos Op.117 (2011)
Air for flute and orchestra Op.118 (2011)
Elegy for clarinet (or flute) and piano Op.119 (2012)
An Opera House for voice and piano Op.120 (2012)
Ice Music for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and percussion Op.121 (2012)
Trio No.3 for violin, cello and piano Op.122 (2012)
Four Seasons for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, string trio and piano Op.123 (2012)
Barcarolles for a Sinking City for orchestra Op.124 (2013)
Ten Minutes for clarinet, string trio and piano Op.125 (2014)
String Quartet No.5 Op.126 (2014)
Music, When Soft Voices Die for voice and piano Op.127 (2014)
Trio for clarinet, viola and piano Op.128 (2014)
Symphony No.4 Op.129 (2015)
Frankenstein ballet in three acts Op.130 (2016)
Two Impromptus for piano Op.131 (2016)
Concerto for cello and orchestra Op.132 (2017)
Syrtaki (Theodorakis) arr. for two pianos Op.133 (2018)