Frankenstein (Ballet in Three Acts) for orchestra Op.130 (2016) c. 140'00"


Commissioned by the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the San Francisco Ballet

Dedicated to David Del Tredici

First performed on May 4th, 2016 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, England by the Royal Opera House Orchestra conducted by Koen Kessels

Published by Theodore Presser Company


“Lowell Liebermann’s symphonic score has a robust filmic quality etched with some memorable melodies for the main dances. These are set within descriptive music, illustrating the scènes d’action that dominate the story as well as distinctive themes to associate with each main character. It is an orchestral work that could stand alone in concert and was sensitively performed under the direction of Barry Wordsworth.”
Graham Watts,

“There is much to like, including…Lowell Liebermann’s shrewd orchestral score - lyrically rich and dancey, with a touch of old Hollywood, yet hinting darkly of dangers to come.”
Debra Craine, The Times (UK)

“Lowell Liebermann’s grand score is atmospheric and moody, its ominous strings stridently marking the high points of horror.”
Teresa Guerriero, Culture Whisperer

”Lowell Lieberman's fine score (Barry Wordsworth conducting) is versatile and sustains every action, dance and mood…”
The Sunday Times (UK)

“Here is a proper, sweeping, rich orchestral score that is symphonic in its range of movements, melodies and motifs…a flowing score that manages to be both descriptive and illustrative of character and narrative purpose in a filmic way but also music that could (and should) have a life of its own in the concert hall.”
Graham Watts, London Dance

“…a wonderful score by Lowell Liebermann…”
The Times (UK)

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