Nocturne-Fantasy For Two Guitars Op.69

The Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo

Album title: Music from Raritan River

MSR Classics MS1298

on this CD:

1. Bogdanovi : Sevdalinka
2. Liebermann: Nocturne-Fantasy
3. Sierra: Three Hungarian Tributes
4. Thomas: memory:swells
5. Karmon: Caught In The Headlights
6. Vamos, Ayers: Three Songs For Twelve Strings,

"...This is why a disc of music for guitar duo devoted to a broad range of composers, including work by composers not typically associated with the guitar, is pretty exciting. And the fact that it was recorded by the long-established Newman & Oltman Guitar the project even more significance. It is certainly a joy to hear guitars playing music by Lowell Liebermann...I think of Liebermann primarily for his lush orchestral work or his marvelous solo piano nocturnes which, despite being frimly rooted in a Post-Romantic sound world, could not have been written in any other time but our own. His Nocturne-Fantasy, composed in 2000, is an equal amalgam of past and present, but the expansiveness of his phrases has particular poignancy on guitars which have rarely been involved in performing music of this type."

Frank Oteri,